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IN Perspective: COVID-19 Response by Tingley

Posted on May 26 2020

IN Perspective: COVID-19 Response by Tingley

WMHS recently discussed the COVID-19 response with Jim Towey, VP of Marketing at Tingley,  to talk about how they are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, how their products can help, and much more. Read on for this in-depth interview.

Q: What is your contribution to the this crisis for our readers to better understand in a granular way and how are you able to handle it?

A: Due to the impact of COVID-19 some of the industries we serve have experienced a slowdown, while others like food processing, agriculture and transportation are creating increased need for those products. We are working hard to adjust our forecasts and our factories capacity’s to respond to this shift in demand.

Q: What measures are employers taking (that you are aware of) to ensure workers in industrial hygiene, manufacturing, chemical plants, etc. are staying safe and complying with governmental guidelines during the Coronavirus pandemic?

A: Tingley provides PPE to National Industries that are considered essential during this pandemic such as food processing, agriculture, utilities, oil & gas and transportation. These companies are following CDC Guidelines to ensure employees are healthy when entering the workplace. We have seen increase in demand for our products that go into the food industry for their increased sanitation efforts within the plants, to keep them free from the virus.

Q: What are some of the difficulties companies face, when local, state and federal government’s responses/recommendations vary? (Some counties have been issued “stay-at-home” orders; others are state-wide or city-wide only.)  

A: Our company continues to adhere to social distancing protocols with all office employees working 100% remotely.  Tingley’s advanced business continuity planning provides all remote workers with excellent connectivity and productivity, to maintain uninterrupted service and flow of products to our warehouses and customers. Our manufacturing and warehouse facilities are considered essential to provide PPE to essential National industries. They are adhering to CDC guidelines to keep our employees healthy and to continue to provide uninterrupted service.

Q: How can companies utilize your products during this pandemic?

A: Our products continue to get consumed and used for their normal applications and protective needs, however, we are seeing increased demand for our disposable footwear and apparel products as substitutions for the medical PPE shortages.

Jim Towey, Vice President of Marketing, Tingley