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Tingley Picks: Our Top 10 for Construction

Posted on April 16 2020

Tingley Picks: Our Top 10 for Construction

Safety, quality, & comfort

The 3 main approaches in all Tingley gear and our construction picks are no different. We keep people safe so that they can go home at the end of the day (or night, depending on the job). Our quality products are long lasting, so you don't have to worry about them falling apart on you before the end of their lifespan, and anyone who has been on their feet in a grueling 8-12 hour shift knows the importance of comfort in the products they wear. With safety, quality, and comfort in mind, here's the list of our 10 Top Picks for Construction, check it out...




1. Pilot Safety Toe PR Knee Boot

    A full safety boot with several unique features... Tingley’s Calf Relief Expansion (CRE)™, a steel toe that meets ASTM F2413-18 M/I/C for toe impact and compression (and the boot is electric hazard (EH) rated), 100% waterproof, cleated outsole for good traction, but most importantly, this boot contains a flexible, steel puncture resistant midsole that spans the entire footbed and meets ASTM F2413-18 PR requirements to reduce risks from sharp objects under foot. All puncture injuries are extremely dangerous and cause inherently dirty wounds that can lead to infection or tetanus. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and if you’re working in areas where there’s a risk of foot punctures, it makes sense to protect yourself”, said JB McCollum, Tingley's Project Specialist.


    2. Badger Boots Steel Toe

      These ASTM F2413-18 M/I/C steel toe boots feature a breathable neoprene upper that will protect your legs from foul weather without causing discomfort, removable insoles help to wick moisture and absorb shock, while steel shanks are ideal for all day arch support especially when climbing ladders or digging with shovels. “Badger Boots are 100% liquid proof for rain, snow, mud, and whatever else you might step in. No matter what the conditions, the Badger Boot works as hard as you to get the job done”, said Robert N. Petersen, Tingley's Senior Product Manager.



      3. Workbrutes G2 17 inch Overboot

        An upgrade to the original Workbrutes PVC overshoe line. Improvements were made to the fit, functionality, and styling. “Our customers let us know that our original Workbrutes® needed improvements,” said Robert N. Petersen, Senior Product Manager, “and from working closely with them during design and testing we know that the Workbrutes G2 will fit much better and will be incredibly easy to put on.” Workbrutes G2 have wider ball widths, higher toe boxes, and overall larger proportions to better fit the larger types of footwear that are worn by construction workers. Additional improvements include refinements in styling, innovative expansion pleats and unique grips to help making donning easier. 



        4. Pilot Steel Toe Knee Boot

          Extremely affordable all day comfort. Working in wet, muddy conditions, these boots provide easy walking and all day protection. 100% waterproof, with a steel toe that meets ASTM F2413 M/I/C and flexible material to make walking easier, a cleated outsole that spits out debris as you walk, and removable cushion insole to help keep feet dry and comfortable.



          5. Work Rubber Overshoe

            The original industry standard of overshoes. With its reinforced heel and toe, these work overshoes are designed to stand up to tough daily wear. These stretch easily to fit over the bulkiest of work shoes and boots, are 100% waterproof, and have excellent tensile strength that won't crack or stiffen in the cold weather, with an ease of stretch and tear resistance for more durability.



            6. Icon

              The Icon is a premium, ANSI 107 compliant jacket that is waterproof, breathable, and comfortable. Made from Polyurethane on 300 denier polyester, it’s engineered to provide superior comfort and safety in the toughest work environments. The Icon jacket is available in a range of styles. The Type R Class 3 compliant yellow-green and fluorescent orange-red are ideal for environments where high visibility and breathability are desired for wearer safety and comfort, while the Type O Class 1 compliant black is loaded with premium features for more multipurpose applications. The Icon is the star of our versatile SYNC System jacket combinations. Connect any SYNC System liner with the Icon jacket for the ultimate weather, work and play versatility. “Rather than the classic approach to a 3-in-1 style, our SYNC System allows the wearer to select the liner option that best fits their application, creating their own custom insulated Icon jacket,” said Meg Bowser, Tingley’s Product Manager.



              7. Job Sight Premium T-Shirt


                Cool, calm, and protected. The ANSI 107 Type O Class 1 and Type R Class 2 t-shirts are super lightweight and breathable, with advanced polyester material engineered to resist snags and pulls. Our partially segmented Sawtooth™ reflective tape allows for additional breathability, flexibility and reduced heat stress, with a black front panel to conceal dirt and increase longevity.



                8. Bomber II

                  Our most popular winter wear jacket, the Bomber II is a highly visible insulated winter wear jacket designed to provide warmth, comfort and safety at an affordable price. An ANSI/ISEA 107 compliant, 100% waterproof jacket with a quilted polyester insulated lining that provides warmth and comfort. A 210 denier polyester shell, the Bomber II can be purchased in Type R Class 3 compliant fluorescent yellow-green and fluorescent orange-red for excellent day-time visibility, as well as in Type O Class 1 black fabric and two-tone silver reflective tape.  Regular and tall sizes (in yellow-green only) are also available. Don’t just take our word for it, check out one of the many five star reviews: “I have a closet full of very expensive jackets that do not come close to the wind, rain protection and comfort this jacket provides, it is GREAT!!! I am a commercial cargo pilot with a major cargo company. Being on the ramp at night, cold, wet and blowing rain it exceeded my expectations. I was completely dry and comfortable, no wetness at all. -Mike S.”


                  9. Job Sight Surveyor Vest

                    With big visibility in all sizes, the Type R Class 2 Two-Tone Surveyor Vest offers sizing big to small with 4X/5X all the way down to XXS/XS (yellow-green only), fitting just about any and everyone. Available in both our fluorescent yellow-green and fluorescent orange-red with the contrasting two-tone reflective tape. 100% polyester solid in the front, breathable mesh in the back, this vest also features 5 exterior pockets; 3 interior pockets and a zipper front closure.

                    10. X-Back Hoodie

                      Offering dual compliance in both the USA and Canada, the X-back hoodie and SYNC System Liner features ANSI 107 and CSA Z96 Class 2 Level 1 adherence with styles in Type R Class 3 fluorescent yellow or Type O Class 1 black. Constructed of a comfortable, high density polyester material and lined sleeves, this is our only sweatshirt with a detachable hood and contrasting two-tone silver reflective tape in an X-pattern design on the back. Zip this bad boy into any of our SYNC shells to add in waterproof capabilities.