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Airgo Classic Ultra Lightweight Boot

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Pick up a pair and see how light a boot can be!

The Airgo™ ultra lightweight EVA boot. Built for comfort. 70% Lighter than other waterproof rubber and PVC knee boots.

● 15 inch height - Plain Toe.
● Cleated outsole design for good traction.
● 100% waterproof protection.
● Tiny air bubbles self insulate, keeping feet warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat.
● Great low temperature properties for flexibility and durability.
● Lightweight, removable polyurethane contour insole completes the comfort experience.

Airgo™ Boots Storage Advisory - Avoid Exposure to High Heat and/or Direct Sunlight. Airgo Ultra Lightweight Boots are waterproof, durable and shock-absorbent. However, when not in use it is important to protect the boots from exposure to high heat and/or direct sunlight as such exposures can cause the boots to shrink or deform. Do not leave these boots near a radiator or similar heating elements. Do not store them in an un-ventilated car or truck parked in the sun or in a hot place exposed to direct sunlight.


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Phi N.
United States United States
Super comfortable

Didn't feel like I noticed I was wearing them. They are super comfortable like putting on a sock and too lazy to put my work boots back on.

Scott .
United States United States
At one time it was a great boot.

Over two years I have owned five pairs of these boots. I own a large poultry farm and walk several miles everyday. The first three pairs were excellent and had no problems. They just had to be replaced because of normal wear and tear. The last two are a different story. Everyday after walking the poultry houses my boots are washed and placed in the back of my utility vehicle. I started to notice the boots were getting tighter each day to a point I could no longer get them on. So, I bought another pair and they were a perfect fit. within three weeks they started to shrink and now I can no longer wear them. If these boots cannot be exposed to sun for a long period of time, then they are no good for me.

Tingley Rubber USA

Hi Scott, Thank you for providing your feedback. Our ultra lightweight Airgo boots are made from a material called EVA, or ethylene vinyl acetate. This material is extremely lightweight, naturally insulating, and flexible but will experience heat shrinkage when exposed to high temperatures over time. There is an added warning on the current Airgo product pages that states the storage advisory. We would be happy to suggest another pair of boots for you that you could leave in your vehicle. Someone will be in touch. -Tingley Team

Nicholas C.
United States United States

Should have gotten a size bigger. Also, there's hardly any grip after a week in the barn

Suzanne G.
United States United States
Awesome Choice - Airgo Classic Ultra Lightweight Boot

My husband said he did not want a new pair of boots ... but I read the reviews on this boot cand could not resist. I bought them and could not believe when he admitted that they are fantastic! Very lightweight and comfortable! These are a very good choice!

Clinton J.
United States United States
Light weight boot

These boots are super lightweight. Easy to take on and off. They seem to mold to my feet and are very comfortable on my feet