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Contour Innersoles

Contour Innersoles


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Replacement Polyurethane Contour Insole

Replacement Polyurethane Contour Insole resists compression set for long wear comfort. Constructed of three layers. The top layer is made of polypropylene for moisture absorption. The middle is polyurethane with open cell construction for breathability. The bottom layer is made of polyethylene, which conforms to the shape of the foot for secure placement. Sold by the pair.


Insole Sizes:

Find your shoe size in the ranges shown below and order that size insole. Some cutting to length may be required. You can use your old insoles as a cutting guide or use the template provided in the package. Insoles can be cut to length with ordinary scissors.

S – Men’s sizes 5-6.5

M – Men’s sizes 7-8.5

L – Men’s sizes 9-10.5

XL – Men’s sizes 11-13

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