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Dress Rubber Overshoe - Storm

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Protect your dress shoes with style


Weather Fashions Dress Rubber Overshoes protect your dress shoes with style. 100% waterproof overshoes protect your shoes from rain, snow and salt damage. Fashionable and designed for extra traction on slippery surfaces, our complete line of Weather Fashions rubber overshoes fits over virtually every shoe style and size. Made to last, our products are backed by over 123 years of quality and performance.

● Best protection in stormiest of weather.
● Traditional styling including tongue for full coverage of the shoe.
● Prevents damage from rain, mud, snow and salt.
● 100% waterproof protection.
● High stretch natural rubber for easy on and off.
● Exceptional fit and comfort.
● Lightweight, yet tough and durable.
● Tear resistant.
● Tread designed for extra traction on slippery surfaces.


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Allen H.
United States

Allen Hale Review

Excellent - very easy to do

Kenneth A.
United States

The handling of the order

The handling of the order was excellent. I ordered xxlarge, but the overshoes were too narrow and too short to fit on my size 13 shoes.

Herbert J.
United States

Fit of these overshoes

Ok for one pair of casual size 12 shoes,as they did not fit as they should have, being XL size. On another pair of shoes, they fit fine.

Upstate NY

Don't go out without yiur Rubbers!

Protects my shoes but even better they go great over my converse sneakers keeping them dry in the rain. The other thing my Rubbers do well is keeping my sneakers clean which means I wear them when walking in dusty or dirty areas or when mowing the lawn. They are also great walking to class where there may be snow, slush or puddles on sidewalks or parking lots, you just don't care any more, yiur Rubbers keep your sneakers protected. Other guys have commented on them and see, to think they're a smart thing. The only issue is the name, "Rubbers" which I think is the right name for them but some call them rubber overshoes, which is fine too. The tread is not great, little pointy spots and the older design was far better and the one used on their higher ankle Rubbers, a cross hatch set of squares design so I don't understand why they don't use it on the Storm Rubber model. They also made a neoprene model of the Storm Rubber with concentric circle tread and it was great, unfortunately that material didn't stretch as nicely over your shoes as real rubber. The tongue on the Storm rubber covers sneaker laces great and I tuck my laces under it for better protection. Once you wear your Rubbers for a year the tread starts to get flat so pickup a new pair and keep the old ones in the car for unforecast rain. The question below about recommending to a friend, I should have a Rubbers franchise since I've caused tons of sales. I have had friends order online or have stopped at the farm store or the army/navy store to have them pickup their own pair of Rubbers.


Tingley's rubber material is soft, pliable, yet durable.

Walk 2 miles to office job every day. They cover my dress shoes and look professional in the rain and snow.