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Tingley Announces Ultra Lightweight Boots for Children

Posted on November 10 2021


Press Release
Piscataway, NJ
November 10, 2021



Further expanding its line of ultra-lightweight boots, Tingley announces the newest Airgo™ boot, designed with both kids and parents in mind.

Don’t let the ultra-lightweight fool you! These boots are durable, tear resistant, and long‐lasting. The walls of the boot are flexible and will stay supple in the cold to ensure comfort while walking and bending. Kids will stay warm and dry while jumping and dancing in rain, or while sloshing through the wintery mix on a snow day. The Airgo boots’ cleated outsoles provide 100% waterproof protection and good traction, so kids never miss out on any fun and parents never have to worry about their kids coming home sopping wet.

“Upon talking with our customers, we quickly realized that there was a desire for lightweight, anti‐fatigue, and comfortable footwear for young children as well”, said Robert N. Petersen, Senior Product Manager for Tingley. “Based on the positive feedback from both the adult and youth styles before this, we knew that a children’s Airgo boot would be a perfect solution.”

The new children’s boot style is available in black for sizes 6 through 12 and features a uniquely designed thumb pocket for easy donning.

Made using the same materials that provide midsole cushioning in athletic footwear, Airgo boots are up to 70% lighter than other rubber and PVC boots for a super comfortable fit. “Our customers have told us that they love Airgo boots for jobs around the house including walking the dog, gardening, and cutting the grass,” Petersen added. “We believe kids will love them just as much for all of their own outdoor adventures.”

The Airgo boots also feature remarkable self‐insulating properties. According to Petersen, “Similar to how Styrofoam® cups and coolers work, millions of tiny air bubbles trapped within the material are self‐insulating to keep feet warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat.”

For more information, visit the Tingley website at

“We believe kids will love them for all of their own outdoor adventures.”