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Double coated DuraScrim™ PVC on polyester jacket with hood offers durability at an economy price. Extremely high tear strength is the result of an open weave polyester scrim fabric being sandwiched between two layers of flame resistant PVC coating.
Ideal Applications: Light Chemical, Construction, Utilities, Agriculture, Food Processing, and General Industry.
Chemical Resistance: Many acids, oils, alcohols, salts and alkalies.

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DuraScrim Coat

From $30.20 - $31.04

DuraScrim 3-Piece Suit

From $35.88 - $36.72

DuraScrim Hooded Jacket

From $20.70 - $21.54

DuraScrim Overalls

From $17.56 - $18.42

DuraScrim Overalls - Fly Front

From $17.74 - $18.58

DuraScrim Pants

From $17.56 - $18.42

DuraScrim Hood


DuraScrim Jacket

From $20.04 - $20.88