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It all started with a man on a bicycle....


tingley founder

Charles O. Tingley founded Tingley Rubber in 1896. It continues today as a family business.

The year was 1896 and the man was C.O. Tingley, and he had a bicycle tire plug to sell. He traveled as far as Buffalo, New York, Boston, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. and back to New Jersey. All on his bicycle.


In 1910 Mr. Tingley took on an associate, William McCollum, Sr., who quickly began to diversify the product line. Through astute business decisions and a dedication to quality and value he guided the Tingley Rubber Company, along with his two sons, to its modern day roots. Utilizing the company's experience in rubber, Tingley designed, developed, and commercialized the first unlined stretch rubber overshoe. This innovation put the Tingley Rubber Company in the protective footwear business.


Today, the fifth generation of family management has expanded and refined the product lines that reach both consumer and industrial markets. Tingley now offers a complete line of waterproof protective footwear and clothing.

Charles O. Tingley fouded Tingley Rubber in 1896. It continues today as a family business.

Behind every Tingley product is more than a 100 year tradition of quality and excellence.

Tingley was first then and we are first now!



Industry Firsts:


First to introduce a compression molded unlined stretch rubber overshoe.

First to introduce an injection molded unlined stretch rubber overshoe.

First to respond to industry's need for an overshoe that would resist a wider range of solvents, caustics, hydrocarbons, fats, acids and oils than natural rubber with our Neoprene overshoe line.

First to introduce a line of injection molded PVC overshoes.

First to introduce exterior coated polyurethane protective clothing with sealed seams, for the food processing industry.

First to introduce a hazardous material boot to accommodate the bulk of an encapsulated suit without upsizing.

First to introduce an injection molded Steel Toe PVC overshoe. An affordable solution for workers or visitors who require steel toe protection.

For generations Tingley has been making high performance products that meet the demands of our valued customers.