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Posted on October 15 2017

Innovations that Improve Footwear Safety & Comfort

Accouncing improvements and innovations on a flagship line of PVC knee boots now available under the Premier G2™ and Profile™ brands. “Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) has been used to make protective footwear for over 50 years and we wanted to take a fresh look at advancements and innovations that we could bring to this line of products,” said Robert N. Petersen, Senior Footwear Product Manager for Tingley.

Petersen added, “Advancements in material sciences allowed us to incorporate composite safety toes that not only meet or exceed the ASTM F2413-11 requirements for toe impact and compression, but that do not transfer cold like steel toes.” Additional innovations include incorporation of expansion pleats at the top of the boot that relax up to 1.5 inches to accommodate larger calves. Tingley boots have always had cut-lines so that individuals with larger calves could cut down the height of the boots. According to Petersen, “The expansion pleats allow more room for larger calves without affecting the calf fit for everyone else. Everyone gets the benefit of maintaining the full height of these protective boots.”

Other improvements include upgrading the comfort levels of the removable insoles, contemporizing the look of the boots, and incorporating the Tingley Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) in the forefoot and heel areas of the outsoles. The purpose of the indicators is to inform users (and plant managers) about the time frame to wear away half the tread. When the tread wears down to the same level as the indicator lines, users will know that they’ve worn away half the tread on their boots.

“We also took this opportunity to add new brand names that will help guide the marketing and customer engagement with these boots,” said Petersen. Premier G2 is the new brand formerly known as Premier and Profile is the new brand formerly known as Better Grade.

Premier G2

The Standard for Performance and Comfort.



The Ideal Combination of Performance and Value

 These improvements and innovations add new levels in performance, safety, and comfort to Tingley’s already wide range of protective footwear.