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ASTM F1671 Tested

During this unprecedented time, Tingley has received many questions regarding our products and protection from COVID-19. In response, various products were tested for resistance to viral penetration using the ASTM F1671 standard test method. The results indicate that many have the potential to be an effective barrier against coronavirus. The following styles received a passing result for this test. 

Tingley will continue to evaluate our apparel and footwear for their resistance to viral penetration so that we can provide customers with up-to-date information. While Tingley products are not designed for medical applications, this information provides customers with possible alternatives when seeking protection from incidental and short duration viral exposures.

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Boot Saver - 100 Pack Disposable

From $351.40 - $501.64

HazProof Boot


Flite Safety Toe Boot w/ Cleated Outsole


Flite Safety Toe Boot w/ Chevron-Plus Outsole


Flite Safety Toe Boot w/ Safety-Loc Outsole


Premier G2 Plain Toe Knee Boot


Premier G2 Safety Toe Knee Boot


Pylon Neoprene Plain Toe Boot


Pylon Neoprene Steel Toe Boot


Pylon Neoprene Steel Toe Boot (Safety-Loc)


Pylon Neoprene Plain Toe Boot (16 inch)


Pylon Neoprene Steel Toe Boot (16 inch)


Safetyflex Jacket

From $50.98 - $55.22

Safetyflex Hooded Jacket

From $56.96 - $61.22

Safetyflex Jacket with Inner Cuff

From $61.60 - $65.86

Safetyflex Overalls

From $46.42 - $50.68

Safetyflex Coverall

From $136.54 - $140.78

Safetyflex Apron

Sold Out

Safetyflex Protective Sleeves


Safetyflex Hood


DuraScrim Hooded Jacket

From $27.98 - $28.82

DuraScrim Jacket

From $27.06 - $27.92

DuraScrim Coat

From $40.80 - $41.66

DuraScrim Pants

From $23.74 - $24.58

DuraScrim Overalls

From $23.74 - $24.58

DuraScrim Overalls - Fly Front

From $23.98 - $24.84

DuraScrim 3-Piece Suit

From $48.48 - $49.34
Sold Out

DuraScrim Hood


Pylon Metatarsal Guard Boot


Flite Mid-Calf Safety Toe Boot