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Safety Footwear

A leader in safety work boots and overshoes, Tingley's quality construction provides superior protection and comfort. From our signature series of performance work boots that conform to ASTM standards for safety to our legendary rubber overshoes, Tingley has been protecting generations since 1896.
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Workbrutes G2 17 inch Work Boot


Work Rubber Overshoe 10 Inch Height


Work Rubber Classic Fit Overshoe


Workbrutes 10 inch Work Boot

From $27.46 - $27.76

Dress Rubber Overshoe - Trim


Work Rubber Overshoe


Dress Rubber Overshoe - Commuter


Workbrutes 14 inch Work Boot


Dress Rubber Overshoe - Storm


Workbrutes Overshoe

From $21.84 - $22.40

Dress Rubber Overshoe - Moccasin


Airgo Classic Ultra Lightweight Boot


Pilot Steel Toe Knee Boot


Workbrutes G2 10 inch Work Boot


Pilot Plain Toe Knee Boot


Workbrutes G2 Overshoe


Profile Safety Toe Knee Boot


Airgo Ultra Lightweight Boot


Boot Saver Disposable Shoe Cover

From $361.12 - $439.72

Flite Safety Toe Boot with Chevron-Plus Outsole


Pylon Neoprene Steel Toe Boot (16 inch)


Flite Safety Toe Boot with Cleated Outsole


Winter-Tuff Ice Traction Overshoe


Winter-Tuff 4 Buckle Ice Traction Overshoe


Pylon Neoprene Steel Toe Boot


Premier G2 Safety Toe Knee Boot


Pilot Safety Toe PR Knee Boot


HazProof Boot


StormTracks Youth Rain Boot


Workbrutes Steel Toe Overshoe


Winter-Tuff Ice Traction Spikes


Flite Safety Toe Boot with Safety-Loc Outsole


Women's Trim Fit Knee Boot


Winter-Tuff 10 inch Ice Traction Overshoe


Steplite X Powered by Bekina


Pylon Neoprene Steel Toe Boot (Safety-Loc)


Profile Plain Toe Knee Boot


Airgo Youth Ultra Lightweight Boots


Airgo Ultra Lightweight Low Cut Boot


StormTracks Toddler Rain Boot