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Airgo Ultralight Low Cut Boot

Airgo Ultralight Low Cut Boot

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Airgo™ ultra lightweight EVA boots built for comfort & durability

These low cut boots are super comfortable, easy to step into and tough enough for everyday farm and garden use. Insulating air bubbles inside the EVA keep feet warmer in cold and cooler in heat. Lightweight, yet durable, these boots are 100% waterproof with cleated outsoles for traction and slip resistance in wet and muddy conditions.

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Product Details:

  • Height is ideal for stepping into and getting to work
  • 70% Lighter than other waterproof rubber and PVC knee boots
  • Seamless construction for 100% waterproof protection
  • Flexible upper stays supple in cold temperatures to make walking easier
  • Cleated outsole for good traction
  • Tiny air bubbles in the material keep feet warm in cold and cool in heat
  • Heel kick for hands-free removal
  • Removable polyurethane, contoured insole for complete comfort

Additional Information:


Ideal Applications:

Agriculture, Lawn and Garden, Foul Weather, General Purpose


Chemical Resistance:

Fats, certain acids, hydrocarbons, caustics and other chemicals



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Alli W.
United States United States

Great boots, perfect gift for dad

Got these boots for my dad for Christmas. He loves them, and they’re ultra comfortable. All his other Tingley boots are super durable, and I’m sure these will be the same. He said, “bury me in these boots, and only open the lower half of the casket.” That’s how strongly he endorses these boots.

Thomas B.
United States United States

Airgo low cut boot and Flite safety toe work shoe

Bought the Airgo and the Flite safety toe work shoe for seasonal work. Neither lasted three months on the job but for different reasons. I'm outside most of the day, lot of walking and exposed to water. For the Airgo: Super light and easy to slip on and off. Some water gets in the top but not too bad. However, Their is a cardboard like insert under the insole that absorbs water so when it does, it stays wet. I threw that out. Their is no toe impact protection and the tread did not last 3 months. Because it is one molded piece your foot sits lower and is in what would typically be part of the sole based on looking at the boot from the side. Once the tread is gone their is no protection against punctures. No half sizes so my feet slid around a bit and ate up my insoles and chewed through socks pretty quick. So if they could put a normal tread on it and toe protection without making the boot longer I think this could be useful for work for me. As is, if they still had a tread I would only use around the house or quick trip out. I do not recommend for work. For the Flite: Super light. It is lower cut and is tighter around the ankle, has a different tread and reinforced protective toe. I had the same issues with sliding and insole/sock wearing down quick. They made the boot longer compared to the Airgo to add the toe protection so this combined with no half sizes makes it a little bit of a tripping hazard for me. Kind of looks like a puritan shoe without the buckle. The toe cap is hard inside the shoe so if your toes are sliding into it walking down hill or you are crouched down working on something it can hurt a little. The Flite has a normal rubber tread that looks like it would have lasted me the whole work season however the boot itself did not last three months. Takes some effort to get your foot in with the tighter collar. I assume they made it tighter to keep water out but in my use it let more in because it is lower cut and then would not evaporate as much as the Airgo. I was afraid from the start that the pull on tab on the back of the shoe would rip off when pulling the shoe on because it was so stretchy and the collar so tight, While that did not rip, the actual shoe did, from the collar down towards the back just behind the T logo. Easier to get on now but not useful anymore. Could be useful as a work shoe but I would say be careful. So again, if you added the Flites tread and some toe protection that doesn't stick out further to the Airgo low cut boot I think you have something useful, for me anyways. The kick off tabs on the back are useful but may stick out a little too much. When I was at a local store one tab on the Flite pair got stuck under the edge of an in aisle display when I turned around next to it. Almost made a huge mess. Over all experience is, I spent about $150 between the two pairs and got a combined total of 6 months use. Not real happy about that. Are these recyclable?

Jared L.
United States United States

Amazingly light!

I’ve just worn them briefly. The fit is good and the sole appears sturdy. I am looking forward to a long and useful life for them. I was also pleased with the price compared to other similar products.

A Tingley Customer
Canada Canada

can you make them taller?!

I love how light they are, and I'm impressed how durable they are. I was sure they would get torn on twigs, sharp rocks, pokey sticks... I wish they were a little taller- on a rafting trip every time I had to jump out of the boat, I filled these boots with water! I eventually took the liners out, as my feet in wool socks stayed fairly warm even when wet (in the subarctic). Also on the farm processing turkeys, my apron reaches just above them, and I filled my boots a couple times with gross water- ew! Maybe I'm just used to taller boots... Because the tops are wide for easy on/off, they do flop against my calves as I walk, making a flomp flomp flomp noise. I feel a bit like a little kid flomping around the garden, but I love how easy they are to get on/off without getting chicken **** on my socks:-) My kids want them next year!

Judy O.
United States United States


Just the things for slipping on quickly for taking out compost, getting mail, watering the plants, hanging out laundry. I love them!