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Eclipse Detachable Hood



Tri-Hazard® Liquid Proof, Arc Flash And Flash Fire Protection

Revolutionary Tri-Hazard® technology offers liquidproof, arc flash and flash fire protection. Thermo-Grid® construction helps block out heat energy while the flame resistant PVC coating on Nomex® provides 100% liquidproof protection in a soft, lightweight suit.

Ideal Applications: Petrochemical, Chemical, Off-Shore Drilling or any application where flash fire protection is required.
Chemical Resistance: Many acids, oils, alcohols, salts and alkalies.

Eclipse Detachable Hood Only -  For Eclipse Jacket (Item #J44241)

● Conforms to ASTM F1891 for Arc Thermal Performance and NFPA 70E
● Arc rating 14 cal/cm²
● Conforms to ASTM 2733 for Flash Fire Performance
● Average predicted total burn area < 15.4%
● Exterior PVC coating for excellent chemical resistance
● Soft, supple feel for all day comfort
● Non-conductive, non-corrosive snaps

Tri-Hazard® Technology Offers Liquid Proof, Arc Flash And Flash Fire Protection


Nomex is a registered trademark for flame-resistant meta-aramid material.


Eclipse U.S. Patent No. 10,137,662

Chemical Data Sheet
Blue Eclipse Sell Sheet
Blue Eclipse Spec Sheet


*California residents: Proposition 65 warning