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Over-the-Sock Footwear Guide

Before choosing a material where contact with chemicals may occur, the user should consult a Chemical Compatibility Guide as well as perform their own testing under the supervision of a Qualified Safety Professional (QSP). If aggressive chemicals are present, special care must be exercised in maintaining the footwear. Such care should include daily cleaning and thorough inspection prior to each use for signs of damage, including but not limited to, discoloration, swelling or cracking. Depending on the toxicity level of the chemical, products should be discarded if contact with the chemical has occurred.

Material Selection: Our goal is to present our customers with choices so they can select the best boot with the features and value they are seeking. With this in mind, we offer several options in terms of material construction, features, level of performance, and price points. Below is an overview of the different materials we offer along with the performance and value they provide.

POLYVINYL CHLORIDE (PVC): This synthetic thermoplastic polymer has been used to make waterproof footwear for over half a century. It provides good protection against animal fats, oils, many acids, alkalies, alcohols, and petroleum hydrocarbons but is not recommended for use with ketones, aldehydes, and several solvents. The most common cause of failure in PVC boots is the extraction of plasticizers due to exposure to fats, oils, and many chemicals. Once the plasticizers have been extracted, the PVC becomes stiff and brittle and is prone to cracking. Formulations with high molecular weight PVC resins, specialty additives, and/or plasticizers slows down the extraction process producing boots that will generally last longer. Tingley offers four performance levels (Good, Better, Best, and Specialized) within our PVC boot line. Each brand in the PVC line is optimized for different environmental conditions through the use of specific PVC formulations, different blends for the uppers and outsoles, and specific outsole tread patterns. This attention to detail produces boots with enhanced comfort, longer wear, and better slip resistance.

Good – Pilot™ General Purpose: Made from basic PVC resins, these boots are a good choice for less demanding general purpose, construction, lawn and garden, or foul weather applications. The formula will not provide the same resistance to most chemicals that our other PVC formulations provide. Available in Styles 31151 and 31251.

Better – Profile™: Made using a blend of high quality PVC resins and Frigiflex® specialty plasticizers so boots stay flexible in cold weather. The Profile formula offers a good balance of performance and price for many applications where some exposure to fats, certain acids and alkalies, hydrocarbons, and other chemicals occurs. Available in Styles 51154 and 51254.

Best – Premier G2™: Features a unique blend of high molecular weight PVC resins, specialty additives, and plasticizers that enhance the boot’s chemical resistance. The Premier G2 formula will withstand greater exposure to animal fats, oils, many acids, alkalies, alcohols, and petroleum hydrocarbons than our Profile™ or Pilot™ General Purpose formulations. Available in Styles 93155 and 93255.

Specialized – HazProof® NFPA 1991 Certified Boots: Utilizes a very special formula for outstanding chemical permeation resistance for the rigorous demands of HazMat response, CBRN events, and hazardous waste cleanup. Available in Style 82330.

AEREX 1.5.5™: This proprietary, chemical-resistant, thermally-insulative, microcellular polymer is used to make the Flite™ knee boots. Tiny air bubbles trapped within the material keep feet warm in the cold and cooler in the heat. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including fats, acids and alkalies, petroleum hydrocarbons, industrial salts, and more. Available in Styles 26256 and 27251.

ETHYL VINYL ACETATE (EVA): An ultra lightweight material that is up to 70% lighter than other waterproof rubber and PVC boots. Tiny air bubbles trapped in the walls of the material are self-insulating to help keep feet warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat. Resistant to fats, certain acids and alkalies, and other chemicals. Available in Style 21144.

POLYURETHANE (PU): Lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and outstanding mechanical properties are just a few of the great characteristics this material brings to footwear. PU boots are also self-insulating given the tiny air bubbles that are trapped in the walls of the material, which help keep feet warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat. Resistant to oils, fats, fuels, industrial salts, manure, dilute acids and alkalies. Available in Styles 77003, 77152, 77253, and 77258.

NEOPRENE: A hand-layered, synthetic rubber construction that is resistant to a broad range of animal fats and blood, oils, certain acids and alkalies, alcohols, petroleum hydrocarbons, and certain solvents. Available in Styles MB920B, MB921B, MB922B, MB924B, and MB926B



Cleated is a good choice for general purpose and outdoor use. The large openings between the cleats help dig through mud and they spit out debris for self-cleaning action with every step. The cleated outsole has less groundcontacting surfaces than other patterns, which may reduce slip resistance in indoor applications. Available on Styles 21144, 31151, 31251, 51154, 51254, 77152, 77253, and 77258.

Chevron has a history of use in food processing applications. It has more edges than Cleated for enhanced slip resistance and is ideal for indoor applications where there is a limited amount of debris. Available on Styles MB920BMB921BMB922B, and MB926B.

Chevron-Plus® takes the traditional Chevron to a higher level of performance with improved slip resistance by maximizing the number of edges and ground contacting surfaces. More cleat material than either Cleated or Chevron for longer boot life. Excellent on wet-contaminated and wet-clean surfaces. Available on Styles 2625693155 and 93255.

Safety-Loc is designed for use in environments with slippery, wet-clean surfaces. This pattern maximizes the number of edges and surface area for outstanding slip resistance. It is not recommended for use on debris-laden surfaces as the myriad of small spaces between the cleats will clog causing a loss in slip resistance. Available on Style MB924B.

Sure Grip has excellent abrasion and slip resistance. Open cleats help spit out debris. Available on Styles MB816B, 77003, and 82330.



1. Seamless construction provides 100% waterproof protection.

2. Pre-marked cut lines allow customized height adjustment.

3. Less material injected in upper for lighter weight and more flexibility and comfort.

4. Extra material in heel and toe for longer wear.

5. Heavy duty heel kick for easy off.

6. Beveled heel reduces back and leg strain.

7. Finger tabs provide better grip when pulling boot on.

8. ASTM compliance indicated on boot.

9. Flex lines in the vamp for more comfort when walking.

10. Men’s sizing clearly marked along with women’s size for added convenience.

11. Outsole tread patterns tailored for specific applications.

12. Reinforced molded shank provides arch support.