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Over the Sock

Tingley offers over the sock footwear in a variety of materials. 

Our line of dipped, hand-layered neoprene rubber work boots is one of the most comfortable fitting rubber work boots available. The snugleg design is a much snugger fit than a standard knee boot and is excellent where walking, crouching, and kneeling are required.

We offer four distinct formulations in our PVC Boot line. Each of the products has been designed to meet different industrial needs. Most of our boots use a different compound for the upper and another for the outsole. This allows for better flexibility in the shaft of the boot and longer wearing materials in the outsoles. Product performance is enhanced with high molecular weight PVC resins, specialty additives, and plasticizers. The most common cause of failures in PVC boots is due to the extraction of plasticizers when PVC comes in contact with fats, oils, and many chemicals. Once the plasticizers are pulled out of the boot, the PVC becomes hard and is prone to cracks. The addition of specialty additives slows down this extraction process so that the boot will last longer in general.
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